Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day Two

Day one of my new vegetarian life consisted of mushroom lasagna, very nice, but I have to admit it was a ready meal, but ..

hold onto your hats, just look at this lean, mean vegetarian machine

It consisted of a jacket potato, mushrooms, leeks, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes and onions, all topped off with grated organic cheese, with a little pesto on the side.  I think I slightly spoilt the healthy value of it by putting a 'leeeetle' too much butter on the potato, but boy was it tasty. The only thing I didn't really like was the pesto.  

The rest of it was delicious.   I found out my wok is missing, so a new one is needed, but all in all a good start.  Everything was organic, and most of what I've bought for my weekly shop is organic and/or free range.

I actually feel much better knowing no animals died or were horribly treated in the making of my dinner.


Whitey G said...

Yay! Well done! This looks delicious. Although I have to admit that I had duck when I went out for lunch with Kate and Rob today. There was only one veggie option on the menu and it was beans and rice, not very tasty.

Glad to see you're getting into it :D


zenfrogyeah said...

Thanks Gemma, I had a bit of blip today, I had a ready meal, healthy option, didn't realise it had small pieces of ham in it .. but I had onions and tomato's with it. Very tasty and only a little bit of meat. We're not veggie nazi's.

Hope you had a great time with the family, and great evening. Speak soon xxx

Hope you liked the rest of the stuff on the blog.