Saturday, 4 September 2010

Vision Board

In my usual bumbling way, I've read about this vision board and the ideas behind it, which seem to come from the law of attraction theory, and I'm going to give it a try.

It seems to be about what you give out to the universe is what you get back, thus you give out positivity and you get back the same.

One example of this 'law of attraction' theory can be seen here on Mudd Lavoie aka Oza Meilleur's website, where she explains the feeling of having a hundred dollar bill to spend on anything she wants.  She keeps hold of it to get those lovely spending vibes as many times per day as she wants, 'If I were to spend it on the first thing I noticed, I would receive the benefit of really feeling my financial well-being only once. But if I mentally spend the hundred dollars 20 or 30 times each day, then I receive the vibrational feeling advantage of spending two or three thousand dollars a day.'

OK, back to the board.  On the law of attraction site they call it an attraction board, but I guess it's much the same.  It gives focus and aim to your wants and desires that you can see every day, depicted in pretty pictures and words.  The things on the board are what you want from the universe. They won't just appear but have to be worked for, and this is where the board comes in.

It gives you daily visual messages to bolster up your motivation and keep you on that long road to getting what you want.  My main pictures will be of my family as being able to go see them in their homes is my number one aim. After that it will be other people who inspire me in various ways. Perhaps they are fit and full of live, positive thinkers, or just all round good eggs and make me smile to think of them.  

There will be many words and pictures that mean things to me personally. I will leave space so I can add more and more as they come to me.  It will be full of positive vibes and I can't help but get motivated to give out to the universe what I so much want back.

Starting today, oh yeah crazy frog is a positive thinker now baby!!

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