Sunday, 29 August 2010

What a nice start to the day!

After a pretty abysmal day yesterday, I have to say today has started much better.

Well, apart from one selfish person who spoiled my nights slumbers, but put that to one side for now.

I have my first celebrity follower:-) Yes Sir, I have!! The famed stand up comic Mike Gunn no less, him who dallies with the likes of Deborah Meaden, amongst I guess, many others. We have a couple of things in common I see, pessimism being one of them, and I love a dry sense of humour. I guess the commanalities end there as he's young and famous and I'm not!

Here is proof on my growing wall of fame. Thank you Sir, you sit well here.

Settles him in the comfy seat so he can watch the wall grow.

click pic to see in big!

Find below the beginning of the awesomeness of being followed by Mike Gunn, from a slow start, building to the crashing crescendo of excitement.

I won't tell you how it really started because it puts me in a bad light lol, so we will go from when I apologised for the thing that put me in a bad light.

And then tra la tra la  .. drum beats  .. loud applause please ..

There you see!!  I told it was worth waiting for.  A particularly in depth and telling discussion between myself and Mr Mike Gunn.

I've included @Victoly as she is a star to me:-) xxx

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