Friday, 27 August 2010

Howdy world

Well, off we go.  I'm starting another new blog, to join the others I always mean to keep up but don't.

I've decided this will be a different one, full of optimism and silliness, to make my mind change from being negative and pessimistic,  to make my mind and body DANCE as my good friend Mudd Lavoie would say:-)

Here's my first little bit of silliness.

I've saved all the lovely celeb replies I've had on twitter and I'll post them here for your gratification.  I was so thrilled to get a reply from Richard Madeley who not only replied but retweeted as well!!  The next day I was honoured to have a reply from James May and then. Duncan Bannatyne  My cup runneth over with celebs:-)

Oh you see the picture above here, that's my open road and that's where I want to be, oh yeah!!

I digress, here are the twitter pics I promised.  Ohhh the excitement!!

Starting off with .. drum roll please .. ta da  .. I give you Richard Madeley.

Next my first one, yes first one, from James May! I've had two replies from this kind sir.

and the next one

and his reply

and last but by no means least is the Dragon himself Duncan Banatyne telling me most emphatically that Theo is not on twitter.

Haha, well there we go, my first post on my brand new blog.  How excited I was to get my first celeb reply in over a year on twitter:-)

Oh if you click the pics, you will see them in big, so you don't have to squint and you get full on pleasure of my famous friends. 

More silliness to come!

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