Saturday, 28 August 2010

Funny old day

Yes it has been just that.

As this is my positive blog, I've waited till I actually felt a bit more positive to write here. I have up and down days, don't we all? But my down days cause me to plunge into an abyss of anxiety, ok, a bit strong, but you get my drift.

Recently I've been feeling better overall. I suffer, and have suffered over the years, with anxiety problems, and today I felt very anxious since waking from a not very good nights sleep. I kept telling myself it was only nerves and only in my head, over and over, being positive. I kept repeating, I am a positive person, I am a positive person, and just after tea time it seemed to kick in as I have felt more calm the last few hours.

So to end the day on a positive note I did get through it, and without reaching for any medication. Yay for me!

Here's to better days to come. Yes there will be better days, how dare I even contemplate anything else!

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