Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mind Apples

I've just come across a new blog, called Mind Apples.  It's like the 5 a day fruit campaign for physical well being but targets the mind instead.

There's a little survey you can take part in, and share the ways you keep your mind healthy with the others on the site.

The Mental Health Foundation, linked from Mind Apples, has a similar idea but using 10 healthy things you can do on a regular basis to get that happy brain feeling.

Lacking in imagination, my first 5 things were:

* Read
* Try to think positively
* Have counselling
* Study
* Try to meditate

Note the word 'try' there, as opposed to actually 'doing'.  Typical of me.  Anyway, after reading the other mind apples I came up with some more appealing ideas:

Have lots of contact with family
Look at the sky
Think about how wonderful nature is
Read lots and lots and lots

Have to have reading in both lists, it's what I do a lot.

A few more ideas from Mind:

walks in the open air
supporting your football team (when they win)
being listened to and respected
being taken seriously
talking to friends
doing something you’re good at

Basically anything you're good, at or enjoy, you should do regularly.  Of course we can't all rely on others reactions to us, for instance, being listened to and respected, but my own opinion on that is to ignore those people and move on to others who will respect us and listen to us.  We are too valuable and important to waste our time with people who make us feel bad.

So come on and wipe out the negatives, replace all that with positive glowing healthy 'mind apples'.

Take the survey and share your mind apples!

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