Friday, 7 January 2011

Breathes deeply, opens eyes slowly, stretches ..

And looks around .. wow that was some mediation time.

Some brilliant things have been happening since we last spoke, biggest  ..

My third grandchild was born, a little baby boy, the most gorgeous ever, he was born in October and has now had his first Christmas, I'm so proud of my growing family!

 Isn't he just sooo beautiful?

Also my baby boo boos have started school and pre school.  They are super smart and enjoying it very much, but their Mum misses them .. aww.  This is my eldest granddaughter ready for school.

Beautiful, not quite 5 yet but going on a teenager already:-)

And not to be outdone her little sister started pre school.  Mum was worried about leaving her but the little one said 'it's ok you can go now Mummy, bye bye, love you', and went about her playing .. bless her.

Super cute all ready for first day:-)

Awesome events I think you will agree!

Looking below me and seeing the lovely virginia creeper, I can see how long I've been in this meditative state, the creeper has long gone from my garden, as has the snow. I might post some pics of the snow later.

I see I also have a follower, how awesome, thank you and welcome to my blog Ann:-)

Christmas has also come and gone, without too much hassle. New years resolutions have also come and gone, failed already on mine, but I'm sure I read somewhere it's ok to have a blip and restart so after the 12th, yes I know I keep moving the goal posts of new years, I will restart my exercise, diet, blogging regularly, decluttering and just generally trying to improve my life. Oh yes, of course the biggy of getting out of the house. On going counselling for this.

I can't resist, I have to show you my awesome snowman, at first sign of snow, and of my family all playing in it, I had to join in and go build one myself. My hands nearly dropped off with cold, but using rubber gloves was the way to go on that one.

I don't think you will have seen anything as awesome as that in the way of a snowman!!


Vics said...

I'd leave the resolutions until chinese new year *grin* ease yourself in slowly..

zenfrogyeah said...

Haha yes I googled it, and I agree, that is the way to go.

Phew, I can be a slob for a few more weeks:-)

Whitey G said...

Awww, those are beautiful pictures of the babies.

I can't believe you've finally updated! I didn't realise how long it had been until I saw that Luca was new news!

Well done on the snowman, and well done on getting your essay done. I'm going to get away from the internet now and get mine done too.


zenfrogyeah said...

Thanks Gemma, yes it takes motivation for updating and I'm lacking a bit lol.

I'm glad you appreciated the epic job I did on the snowman, a true work of art.

Good luck with you essay:-) I'm seeing baby Luca tomorrow yay!!

Love you loads