Saturday, 30 June 2012

Right, enough of that negative shit!

What have I done in this 60th year of mine?

Well, for one I achieved my goal of getting out of the house, and more than that, I got to see my youngest daughter walk across the stage to receive her MA!  I didn't get to see her degree ceremony so this was a huge deal for me.

It was just the best feeling, to see her face happy that I had made it and could share in her success.

There was not a prouder person in that huge room than me, knowing what hurdles she had to surmount to get there, how much she fought her demons, threw off the chains of her past and proudly walked the walk across that stage, words cannot say how proud I am of her.

I wrote about at the time here

But I think it needs saying again in this my 60th year.

More to come!

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