Saturday, 18 February 2012

Charged or Not?

I had forgotten I'd not finished this, life gets in the way.

Time scale - crashed car about 4pm

Probably put in cell not long after, eventually when I'd run out of cigarettes and made enough noise I laid on the hard plastic mattress and drifted off to sleep.  Why do they have the heating up so high in there?  If they reduced it a bit they could pay for some old people to have heat in their homes!

It was dark when two guys woke me up, it was like a dream, they were plain clothes and kept asking me about Mike, I told them what I knew and they left.  I went back to sleep, was woken later by some other knob head kicking his door and shouting. It's obligatory behaviour it seems.

The next morning got breakfast, horrible sausage and something on a paper plate with plastic cutlery. Very hungover, felt grimy and dirty and wanted to go home.  I asked the guy who brought the breakfast, 'why am I being kept here', he said he didn't know.  Great!!

To cut to the chase:  I was escorted to a room, two police officers there, might have been duty solicitor, can't really remember, I sat down and they explained about taping the interview, at this stage I was just tired, not really thinking of anything except to get home.

They put on the tape!  Then brought exhibit bags out and showed me one by one, and told me they were investigating a series of armed robberies, that's why I'd been kept in overnight while they contacted different police forces for information!!

Me??!  Me, you think I'm an armed robber??  I laughed, but I could see they were totally serious.

To be continued

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